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4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!

Hi everyone! How are you getting on with the lockdown? I hope you’re all keeping safe and feeling well. Today, I’m going to tell you all about Combination, Sculpture, Feather and Texture brows – my new permanent makeup brow styles that I know you’ll love!

4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!

Developing new permanent makeup brow styles

My thoughts when developing my four new brow styles always came back to ‘natural’. There are tons of different trends popping up and changing every other day which are great for following if you’re drawing your brows on with makeup. After all, you can wipe the makeup away as the trends change – there’s no long-term commitment. (Hello HD Brows products! Shop my range here!)

Permanent makeup, however, is a whole different ball-game. At the end of the day it’s a form of tattooing, therefore (although it fades considerably in the daylight) it is in your skin forever. For this reason, it’s not very ethical of any permanent makeup artist to tattoo a brow that follows a current trend, because in 12-months-time, when the fashion has changed, you’re left with an ‘outdated’ brow. Think about how everyone had pencil thin rainbow arches in the 70’s. We attacked our natural brows with tweezers until they refused to grow back. Imagine those extremely unflattering semi circles tattooed there forever? A passing trend which didn’t enhance anybody’s features and simply created a constant look of surprise!

The Sunday Brow

When deciding to have permanent makeup, you should think about how you want your brows to look when you wake up on a Sunday morning with no makeup on your face. I always tell my clients to do this. A fully made up eyebrow on an otherwise naked face can look a little too much. My job is to give you a natural, well groomed, perfectly proportioned brow which enhances your features and gives your eyes a subtle lift. This way you can choose between going au naturel or adding a bit of extra oompf to your brows when you’re feeling glamorous.

The ‘natural’ brow debate

What is natural, really? I can guarantee you that if I asked five people to draw me a natural brow, I would see five different versions of the same thing. A natural looking eyebrow is whatever looks flattering on the individual’s face. Everyone is different, and so I wanted to develop these styles so that there’s something for everyone. I’m so pleased to be able to offer you all these exciting new treatments when I can re-open my doors.

Combination Brows

A combination brow is an eyebrow created with a mixture of lots of fine hair strokes and gentle shading. It creates the illusion of natural volume without looking overdone.

The Combination brow | 4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!

Sculpture Brows

A sculpture brow is an eyebrow created with neater hair strokes at the front and top of the brow for a gorgeous natural structure. It has a crisp edge at the baseline created with a shading technique. Great for anyone with a naturally strong look!

The Sculpture Brow | 4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!

Feather Brows

A feather brow is an eyebrow created with the finest of needles to give a wispy, fine, un-groomed look. I have specialist nano and micro needles that are just perfect for these ultra-fine, ultra-realistic hair strokes.

The Feather Brow | 4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!


Texture Brows

An texture brow is an eyebrow created with several of my innovative needles of all sizes to create varying textures and volumes. It can be neat and tidy or un-groomed, and is a great style for both women and men alike.

The Texture Brow | 4 brand new permanent makeup brow styles you’ll love!

And what tools will me and my Elite team use to produce these amazing brows? Well, I have spent years developing a range of innovative needles which enable us to create any finish on any skin type, with minimal trauma! What more could you ask for! And I can tell you, the feedback from both my clients and my technicians has been nothing but positive which makes me so proud – I only want the best for my amazing clients!

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction into my four new brow styles. Although we can’t welcome you to the clinic right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re planning ahead to make sure we bring you the best treatments and service once we can safely re-open.

Until next time, take care, stay safe and keep in touch with me on my social media channels below.

Karen x

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