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Female February

This month I wanted to share with you a couple of stories about some of the women in my life, who inspire and support me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without these wonderful ladies and if I’m being honest there are so many women I work with, have met throughout my...

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2019 Trend Alert: Lip Blushing

In a world where we’ve become obsessed with the perfect pout, and lip fillers have become as easy to book as a simple manicure, I want to tell you about another way to perfect your pout with longer lasting, more natural results: Lip Blushing. Having worked in the...

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Karen Betts appears in Women’s Health

Last year I had the pleasure of welcoming Claire Sanderson, Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief, to my Harley Street Clinic. Claire was initially quite nervous when she arrived, but after a quick chat and some numbing cream she was good to go. Having worked with Katie...

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Lisa Eldridge has Microblading with Karen Betts

Celebrity makeup artist and YouTube sensation, Lisa Eldridge, has recently had a microblading treatment with the Queen of Brows, Karen Betts. In her new video, Lisa talks about her dislike of some of the microblading styles that she’s recently seen circulating over...

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Karen Betts nominated for the EOY awards

This year marks the 20th year of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year UK Awards. Over the last two decades the awards have celebrated, supported and connected entrepreneurs. We were thrilled to learn that our inspirational director, Karen Betts, had been nominated...

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