'Industry Leader Award 2015' presented to Karen Betts | Karen Betts
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‘Industry Leader Award 2015’ presented to Karen Betts

Apr 13, 2015

Karen Betts, CPCP was awarded the ‘Industry Leader Award 2015’  at the 24th Annual Permanent Cosmetic Convention in Las Vegas on 11-13 April 2015. The award is for those who exemplify the true spirit of membership, fellowship and generosity in the permanent cosmetics industry. 

Karen has been a member since 2000 and last year hosted the UK’s first ever certified permanent cosmetic professional exam. 29 people sat the international credentialing exam and ALL PASSED!

Kate Ciampi, CPCP Executive Director, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals said “Karen well deserves this award, not only is she an inspiration to our industry she gives so much help back to people who need more education.”

Karen Betts replied “I am proud to be a member of an amazing society and every artist should consider doing the international Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) exam. I believe continuous education is the key to being a successful artist and will continue to travel the world to explore alternative teaching and treatment methods to ensure anyone that trains with me or at my academy receives the best education and skills available.”

Karen is due to host the CPCP exam for a second year running on 21st June at the Hilton Hotel, Kensington London.