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Is permanent makeup like a regular tattoo?

“Is permanent makeup like a regular tattoo?” is another question I’m asked really often. When we hear the word ‘tattoo’, most of us automatically think of those vibrant sleeves or deep-toned patterns. But cosmetic tattooing is a completely different ball game!

Tattoo inks and cosmetic tattoo pigments are similar in the respect that they are implanted into the skin to create the tattoo. But their composition is completely different.

Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments

Cosmetic tattoo inks are made up of smaller pigment particles that are suspended in a diluter. They allow for a much more natural, softer colour which can be added in layers. They create much more realistic finishes that fade out naturally over time. My own range of K.B Pro pigments were designed by myself and leading scientists to look ultra-natural within the skin. I also wanted to make sure my pigments were kind to the skin, so I added extra ingredients which can help aid the healing process.

Traditional Tattoo Inks

Traditional tattoo inks are much more concentrated – they have a far stronger, denser colour. They are often very bold and can also be very bright! A traditional tattoo will appear much deeper and richer in the skin, whereas a cosmetic tattoo pigment will be much more muted.

A regular tattoo is much richer and deeper in colour, and sits deeper in the skin | Is permanent makeup like a regular tattoo?

Tattoo Method

A regular tattoo machine has tiny needles which pierce the skin whilst creating a vacuum – effectively pulling the pigment inside. Whereas a cosmetic tattoo machine works on a rotary mechanism. This turns and slices the skin to apply the pigment, without creating the same vacuum. A cosmetic tattoo machine also doesn’t reach as deep into the skin as a regular tattoo machine.

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