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Karen’s Top Tips: Finding the perfect brow shape for your face shape

Jan 28, 2019

Whenever anyone comes to one of my clinics for their brows doing, be it microblading or permanent makeup, we always start with a detailed consultation. This is such an important part of any permanent make up treatment and can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour: During this time, we will have a chat about your brow concerns, what you’re wanting to achieve from the treatments and any recommendations I have.


After creating brows for over twenty years, I’ve seen it all; over-plucked, badly tinted, extreme arches and even completely shaved off – trust me there isn’t anything that shocks me when it comes to bad brows. So how do I work out what brow shape will suit you? The main factor determining your ideal brow is your face shape (this is something we teach at all my K.B Pro academies too).

So here are some of my top tips for each face shape:


If you’ve got an oval face then lucky you, apparently this is the nearest to the ‘ideal face shape’ you can get. That also means most brow shapes will suit you – when clients come to me with this face shape I tend to focus on how best to accentuate their features; A curved or soft-angled brow compliments your features.
A round face is almost as wide as it is long, think Beyoncé and Penelope Cruz. Gently curved brows, with no harsh angles, really compliment this shape the most.
This shape is similar to the round face shape, proportion wise. However, people with a square face often have a strong, square jawline and a square hairline, as well as more angular features. Creating some height in the arch will give the illusion of length to the face.

Your forehead and jawline are likely to be a similar width. So, you want your brows shaped to create balance between wide cheekbones, narrow jawline and forehead. I recommend a soft angular shape with life and width in the arch with a shorter brow tail.

Reese Witherspoon is the perfect example of a heart shaped face. Your forehead and cheeks are usually the widest part of the face, and they will taper to a delicate chin. Soft angles in your brows or a softly curved brow that is shorter in length will help to balance out and compliment your features.

A long and slender face is best complimented by flatter brows with a soft wide arch. Think Liv Tyler or Courtney Cox.

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