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Hair Loss Event

Karen invited women who had suffered hair loss to receive a full make-over. The ladies share their stories and how losing their hair really affected their confidence.

The results are unbelievable and show just what Karen can achieve through permanent make-up. Karen hopes that her Gift of Confidence events will dispel any myths and fears about her treatments.

Welcome to K.B Pro

Not only is Karen Betts an industry leader in permanent cosmetics but also supports up and coming artists who go through the training courses with K.B Pro.

Take a look round the state of the art academy and see our training in action.

Lynn Daniel

Lynn beat cancer and during her treatment was completely aware that she would lose her hair but didn’t think that would mean her brows aswell.

Lynn undergoes a complete transformation which includes a permanent brow treatment which compliments her new look perfectly.

Rhianne Allen

Rhianne talks about the importance of having eyebrows and what to most people is a small thing to her can completely change the way she feels.

Karen slightly changes the shape of Rhiannes brows to compliment her face, throughout the consultation Karen checks that Rhianne is completely happy before going ahead with the treatment.

Jill Benton

After years of pencilling her eyebrows in, Jill wanted a more permanent fixture to her beauty regime. She opted for the brow blush which is a temporary treatment but still gives the same look as a permanent brow treatment.

Karen discusses the main differences between the treatments and then begins creating the perfect shape for Jill. Karen also shows Jill various colours to ensure it matches her skin tone.

Areola Treatment

This video shows the process of a areola treatment from a client that had undergone reconstruction surgery. You will be amazed at the results…

You can see how Karen creates a 3D nipple effect and how the results look once healed.

Cate Keller

Cate returns to Karen’s clinic for a colour boost on her eyeliner. Karen changes the shape to create a mini latino which compliments Cate’s features and gives her a more youthful appearance.

Cate wanted to create a more prominent look for when she has to wear glasses. She found that having the eyeliner permanently was saving her time on a morning where previously she struggled to get them symmetrical.

Eve Betts

Eve returns for a re-touch on her brows with Karen and also decides to complete her look with an eyeliner treatment.

Eve opts for a darker pigment on her brows to match her natural colour. Previously Eve had drawn her liner on quite thick but wanted to create a much smaller more natural line to compliment her delicate features.

Gift of Confidence

Gift of Confidence

This slideshow was played at Karen’s Gift of Confidence evening in London

Sophie Harris

Sophie is currently unemployed while training to be an Endurance Athlete for GB para rowing on the Development Squad Nationally Classified soon to be international. Sophie was nominated by her friend Claire who she met on a clubfoot Facebook group.

Carly Barratt

Carly has alopecia universalis and although initially it devastated her and she hid from the world she decided that she can use her experience to help others on their Hairloss journey.

Tracy Dickinson

racy is truly inspirational – always finding food donations and managing to cook, feed and organise clothes, sleeping bags and toiletries for the homeless, despite being unemployed at this time, she is actively seeking work but still manages to bring a team together every week to look after ‘her homeless family’.


Karen Betts Video

During the video you will see behind the scenes footage of the latest Karen Betts photo shoot. Both clients and Karen’s Elite team come together and have lots of fun.

Everyone on the day was made to feel like a VIP as Karen had arranged top make-up artists and hair stylists. Clients were able to stand out in confidence along side Karens Elite team that perform treatments alongside Karen herself.

Lisa Eldridge

Celebrity makeup artist and YouTube superstar Lisa Eldridge never thought that Microblading was for her – that was, until she met Karen Betts.

Watch Lisa’s video as she talks us through right from the fears that held her back, to the end results that have helped her to see microblading in a whole new light.

Angie Riley

After losing all her hair 11 years ago Angie felt her confidence had taken a huge hit. She longed to feel glamorous again and for her kids to see her happy.

Angie was finally able to ditch her head scarf as she felt she had got the face she wanted back. Karen created a natural brow and eyeliner the complimented Angies natural look and framed that beautiful face.

Amy Childs

OMG! Amy was so happy with her new brows and now receives compliments everywhere she goes.

Karen gave Amy a more angled brow shape and also lifted the tail, giving a bright wide-eyed look. Amy was surprised with how pain free the treatment was and now wouldn’t think about going anywhere else.

Amy Johnson

Amy had lost her brows and lashes due to alopecia. Karen worked her magic and gave Amy the definition she longed for through giving her a full set of brows and applying eyeliner.

Karen created the perfect brow using the 3d hair stroke technique and was also able to create the illusion of eyelashes by applying eyeliner.

Nicole: Full Story

In this emotional story Nicole talks about how her life was changed forever after a house fire left her with severe burns, and how being strong was the only way…

Nicole visited the Harley Street clinic where she immediately felt at ease with Karen’s personal approach and was delighted with the results.

Bethanie Lunn

Bethanie felt like a better version of herself after having an eyeliner treatment. Would she recommend Karen Betts …. ‘Hell Yeah’.

Karen used the correct colour tones to bring out Bethanie’s natural eye colour. She also used subtle contouring to suit Bethanie’s natural look.

Kim Taylforth

After shaving her eyebrows off during her punk years, Kim found drawing her eyebrows on a daily chore. After hearing about Karen Betts she travelled across the country to see what she could do for her.

In Kim’s first visit to Karen she opted for a subtle, natural look. On her return for her re-touch Kim was confident in committing to a stronger more contemporary look.

Nicole Jefferies

After 10 years without eyebrows Nicole talks about how Karen was able to give her a confidence boost after suffering with facial burns.

Nicole’s first treatment with Karen was natural 3d hair stroke brows. She later had more pigment added giving her a stronger more defined look and also a latino eyeliner – a true glamour queen.

Tulsi Vagjiani

Tulsi had suffered sever burns to her face and was introduced to Karen via the Katie Piper Foundation. Karen understood Tulsi’s medical needs and was confident in creating the perfect brows.

Karen used a mixture of deep dark brown and black pigments to compliment Tulsi’s skin tone, she also worked with her bone structure to ensure the shape of the brows framed her face.

Diane Ayre

Diane wanted to get more ‘life’ back into her face after losing her hair through chemotherapy. Diane felt great after her treatment and was able to smile again every time she looked in the mirror.

Karen created natural looking brows which are what Diane hoped for after losing her hair. Diane talks about the reasons she chose Karen and that it was her personal approach and the ability the give the client what they really wanted that swung it for her.

Karen Betts on TV

Karen on Sky News

On the day Karen was announced as the Natwest Everywoman Award winner she talks about how the chancellor could support Karen Betts Professional and other small businesses.

Karen talks about how more permanent make up treatments on the NHS would help people who had suffered with medical conditions. She also urges the government to support more small businesses which would mean more technicians would be available to perform such treatments.

ITV Lorraine

Karen discusses the importance of research before booking any permanent cosmetic treatment. Another guest on the show shares her horror story of ‘what’ can happen if you do not do your homework!

Karen covers specific areas you should research before committing to a permanent make up artist e.g portfolio, before and after pictures and to check where the individual trained. Karen also recommends a thorough consultation before any treatment is performed.

Karen on Sky

Karen talks about why permanent make-up has become so on trend and how important it is to find a reputable technician.

During the interview Karen answers questions on treatments available and what can be achieved through permanent cosmetics. Karen also talks about her involvement with the Katie Piper Foundation and her role as ambassador.

Karen on 'ITV's This Time Next Year'

Ben Long had been affected by Alopecia which had been holding him back from proposing to his girlfriend. Appearing on ITV’s This Time Next Year, Ben vowed to get his confidence back in a transformative year.

Karen has mastered the skill of restoring the most natural-looking eyebrows for her Alopecia clients, so she stepped in to help Ben in his quest for confidence by giving him back his brows.

Caroline's Campaign

During the show Caroline plans a special treat for ladies that had suffered with cancer. Caroline booked hairdressers, make-up artists and even planned the ultimate after party.

Karen being a close friend of Caroline offered her skills to help the ladies feel more confident and give them back their natural look. She achieved this through various permanent make up treatments.

10 Years Younger

After losing a massive 11 stone Jilly undergoes a complete body transformation, watch to see how Karen uses her skills to correct years of over plucking.

You will see how Karen chooses the right shape and also the correct colour before beginning work on Jillys eyebrows.

ITV This Morning

Karen Betts went live on the show to discuss the ‘Perks and Perils’ of permanent makeup. Watch Karen discuss how important prior research is and even some live treatments!

As one of the UK’s leading authorities in permanent make up and medical tattooing Karen Betts knows her stuff, she gives viewers some valuable tips on avoiding a disappointing experience and shows how to get the perfect results on a client live in the studio.

Karen on ITV News

Alex Lewis thought that he was suffering from the common cold, but just a few days into this illness, Alex found himself fighting for his life.

During his harrowing recovery process, Karen worked with Alex to provide permanent makeup to restore his lips so that Alex could kiss his son, Sam, once again.