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Karen and her Elite Team return to Professional Beauty North with something extra special!

Karen Betts and her trusted Elite Artists are returning to Professional Beauty North on Sunday 18th and Monday 19th September. Located on stand C3, which can be found on the left hand side of the front entrance, the Elite Team will be performing the most sought-after permanent makeup treatments on clients, via LIVE demonstrations. And, what’s more, we are offering exclusive discounts on treatments performed at the show, with savings of up to £500.

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Karen Betts Hosts Educational Workshop At The Royal College Of Surgeons

Alongside her reputation as one of the UK’s leading permanent makeup artists, Karen Betts is also considered a reputable and leading medical tattoo artist, who has been carrying out procedures in this area over the last 20 years, and regularly hosts seminars and educational workshops in this field at both national and international events.

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Karen Betts Attributed As One Of The ‘People That Make A Difference’

Karen Betts is one of the advisory panel members of the Safety in Beauty Campaign and has been attributed as one of the ‘People That Make a Difference’ in the beauty industry for her great work and endeavours. The Safety in Beauty Campaign, headed up by Antonia Maraconda seeks to facilitate a better, safer, more transparent beauty industry, educate and empower consumers and offer much-needed support and also provide peace of mind to anyone seeking to improve their looks.

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