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Permanent eyeliner for Danielle Lloyd

If you love wearing eyeliner every day, I’m sure you can relate to a few common struggles! From searching high and low for a sharpener for your favourite pencil, to agonising over getting those equal wings – eyeliner is certainly not an effortless look!

For many of my clients, permanent eyeliner is a fantastic way to shave a good amount of time off their makeup routine. Popular with busy mums who don’t always have time to spare, it’s a really convenient treatment. That’s the exact reason why the gorgeous Danielle Lloyd wanted her treatment. As a busy mum and businesswoman, she wanted to be able to save on time but still look great and ready to face the day.

Danielle’s gorgeous before and after showing top and bottom permanent makeup eyeliner | Permanent eyeliner for Danielle Lloyd

Danielle said, “I’m so thrilled with the results of my permanent eyeliner treatment from Karen – she talked me through everything and made me feel totally at ease during the entire treatment. It wasn’t painful, and as a busy mum it is a great time-saving hack that ensures I have perfect eyeliner every time.”

I think she looks amazing!

Permanent eyeliner is a great treatment option if, like Danielle, you just want a time saver. But it’s also incredible for clients who may have lost their eyelashes due to illness or the natural ageing process. This is because we can actually create the illusion of a fuller lash liner with our specialist ‘lash enhancer’ treatments which are a really popular choice.They’re very subtle but make a huge difference.

Danielle’s gorgeous permanent eyeliner after a week showing lovely, softened results | Permanent eyeliner for Danielle Lloyd

It’s also a fantastic treatment if you struggle to see properly to apply your makeup, or don’t have the steadiest of hands. As with all of our permanent makeup treatments, it’s just a really easy, convenient option that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

From a classic pencil look right through to a liquid liner with a perfect flick, we can custom-design the perfect look for you. If you’re feeling a little more elaborate, we can even create a two-toned eyeliner look with ‘butterfly’ shading which looks absolutely stunning.

Want to learn more? Click here and visit my eyeliner treatment page to view my portfolio.

Karen x

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