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Aug 30, 2019

In one of my previous blogs I’ve answered a lot of your frequently asked questions about permanent makeup and microblading treatments. In this blog I’m going to focus specifically on eyeliner treatments. Permanent eyeliner is such a versatile treatment; it’s great for those who want a more defined lash line as well as those who love a bolder eyeliner look.

What is a permanent makeup eyeliner treatment?

A permanent makeup eyeliner treatment is carried out using a digital machine – I use my Nouveau Contour IQ Machine. It involves using the finest of needles to gently implant pigment onto the eyelid. Lash enhancing eyeliner is becoming more and more popular in my clinics: This permanent makeup treatment makes the lash line look fuller and thicker by adding the finest line of pigment in between the lashes. However, I do get clients requesting a bolder permanent eyeliner look as well – I love this treatment because it’s so versatile and a lot of my clients love to use it express their style.

How long does a permanent eyeliner take to heal?

As with any permanent makeup treatment, the healing process can differ from person to person. For eyeliner treatments you’re looking at around a four-week healing time to be completely healed. It’s paramount you follow your technicians aftercare advice during this period to get the best results possible.

Is permanent eyeliner dangerous?

No permanent makeup treatment is dangerous if it’s carried out by a fully-qualified and insured technician, using the correct tools and pigments. As with most industries there are people out there who will try and take advantage of you for a quick buck. So please do your research before you book!

Can I wear mascara with permanent eyeliner?

Of course you can wear mascara with your permanent eyeliner – enhance those stunning eyes as much as you want! But you must wait at least two weeks before applying mascara or cleansing the area.

Is permanent eyeliner painful?

I would say the sensation is more uncomfortable than a microblading brow treatment, but it isn’t unbearable. A skilled technician will manage your comfort throughout the treatment.

How long does a permanent eyeliner treatment take?

The treatment time depends on the style of eyeliner you’re having, and if you having upper and lower lids then this will obviously take longer than just an upper-lid treatment. A lash enhancing eyeliner treatment usually takes from 1 -3 hours depending on the experience of the technician, and a bolder style that requires more work will take a couple of hours plus. Permanent makeup treatments should never be rushed. Even though I’ve definitely got quicker over the years (21 years to be exact – wow) I still make sure my clients are happy with the drawing and pigment selection (no matter how long it takes) before I even begin the treatment.

I hope I’ve answered all your questions about permanent eyeliner, but I’m no mind reader. So, if you have any specific questions about either an eyeliner or any other treatment available at my clinics, don’t hesitate to call my team on 01977 655106.

Karen x

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