What are K.B Pro Microblading brows? | Karen Betts
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What are K.B Pro Microblading brows?

Oct 10, 2016

So you’ve seen it mentioned in Elle, OK! Magazine, The Daily Mail and other high flying publications, but what exactly are K.B Pro Microblading Brows? In short it’s Karen Betts’ latest innovation; a finely tuned Microblading treatment pioneered by Karen and her Elite Team which uses a specially developed hand tool, referred to as the K.B Pro hand glider. The treatment incorporates specialist techniques to enable Karen and our Elite Artists to create ultra-realistic looking hair strokes for highly defined perfectly shaped brows.

With continued increase in women and men searching for the latest in beauty innovation, and brow treatments now accounting for 70% of the permanent cosmetic procedures in the UK, it’s no surprise K.B Pro Brows are fast becoming highly desired by beauty junkies and celebrities alike. More and more people are wanting the most natural looking permanent eyebrows that only the art of microblading can achieve. But what actually is Microblading and how is the K.B Pro Brow treatment at the top of the eyebrow game? Microblading is a technique used to create the most realistic looking brows using fine ‘hairstrokes’ to mimic the look of real brows. Instead of traditional cosmetic tattoo treatments which use a machine, Microblading uses a handheld tool to meticulously create fine hair strokes one by one. Pigment is then implanted into the channels created by the tool and the result is realistic looking, permanent brows. So, what makes K.B Pro Brows different? For starters it was developed by our very own Karen Betts, industry expert in the field of permanent cosmetic with over 20 years’ experience. Karen worked tirelessly with her expert team to create purpose designed equipment to give the best possible results. The K.B Pro hand glyder has a removable depth guard for safer, easier, faster treatments and uses the best blades and needles to create the finest strokes with less snagging on the skin. When used alongside Karen’s award winning K.B Pro pigments the results are phenomenal. Gail Porter is sure to agree with this, having recently entrusted the help of Karen Betts after losing her brow hairs due to alopecia. Gail said; “I have to admit, I was nervous to have a Microblading Treatment after so long without brows, but Karen worked with me to create a natural look in a beautiful light colour.”
The treatment starts with an in depth consultation. The brows are first drawn on to compliment the individuals face shape and enhance the facial features. Once you’re happy with the shape (the brows can be re-drawn as many times as needed), numbing cream is applied to make the process as comfortable as possible. They may say no pain no gain but, in reality, the treatment will cause very minimal discomfort with many clients saying it just feels like tiny surface scratches on the skin. A colour/pigment is then matched to best suit and compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Karen and our Elite artists are extremely knowledgeable in colour theory, which is essential to ensure the natural skin undertones are taken into consideration for a natural final and healed result. The glyder is then used to create the finest of hair strokes of different lengths and directions. Applying the just the right amount of pressure for each stroke is key, too light and the pigment will fade too quickly, but too deep and the hair stroke may not be sharp enough. K.B Pro Brows really has no limitations, it’s suitable for everyone. Whether you just want the convenience of permanent makeup to save precious snoozing time in the morning or you have hair loss, sparse eyebrows, thinning hair or over-plucking, K.B Pro Brows are personalised every time to help you ditch those eyebrow pencils for good and wake up with perfect eyebrows every day.